Select Your Tarot Spreads for Yes or No Questions in Free Reading

One of the oldest questions about Tarot is: ‘Can I ask the cards for a YES or NO?‘ In fact, you can ask whatever you want with Tarot, even a query that expects a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. The catch is what answer you will get – as you all know, Tarot is an amazing tool used to talk broad and wide. The best way to have ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in your reading is to select Tarot spreads for Yes or No questions. In this article, we are going to talk of some empowering spread to get Yes or No answers out of your Tarot cards.

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For centuries, Tarot has always been considered as the most common divination method for inquiring about things and making discoveries. Each card is a reflection of the world around you – studying the deck carefully and you’ll realize that all the archetypes, emotions, as well as everyday challenges and joys are depicted in Tarot. While our world is complex, interconnected, messy, and bursting with color, sensation, and vibration, your Yes or No questions are just black and white. Can Tarot cards give accurate answers for your Yes or No inquiries?

How Many Tarot Spreads for Yes or No Questions?

In order to satisfy the clients’ need, Tarot readers have to figure out an efficient way of coping with Yes or No questions. Though asking open-ended questions when working with Tarot cards will help you have a much better reading and less confusion, close-ended queries can give you simple, instant, and easy-to-understand guidance. Phrasing Yes or No questions is a quick, useful method that helps you make decisions and offers its opinion.

How Many Tarot Spreads for Yes or No Questions?

Normally, the simplest way to have ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers – pulling a single card from Tarot deck and relying on your intuition to tell if the selected card is a YES or a NO. Here are some Yes or No Tarot spreads designed to answer all of your close-ended queries and empower you to control your own life as well as bring you to the future you always desire. Also, the cards can tell the seekers to find out why a decision is being made affecting them. Depending on which spread you are using, more cards can be easily added to gain additional insight into your current situation.

  • Basic one-card Yes or No spread – Choosing a card and if it’s upright, the answer is ‘yes’; in case you card is reversed, it indicates a ‘no’. This spread can help changing the outcome if you enable to overcome the obstacles.
  • Traditional three-card Yes or No spread – Often seen in books, this is a fairly deterministic spread which purpose is giving insight into your current situation. Selecting three random cards, if – all cards reversed, the answer is definitely NO; all cards upright, the answer is YES; two cards reversed represent a NO; and a YES for 2 cards upright.
  • Empowering three-card Yes or No spread – This spread gives no strict outcome yet provides a lot of info. Pay attention to the reversed cards in the reading as the details will help removing blockages, obstacles, and so on. The three cards here can tell how long final decision should be made.

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Using Tarot spreads for Yes or No questions can help you embark in the new direction. Remember to place all of your cards in the right order for an accurate reading.

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