The Simplest Method to Predict Yes or No Tarot You Need to Know

Working with Tarot, the readers have found out several ways of determining a Yes/No answer to a question. Which is the simplest method to predict Yes or No Tarot? The cards will help predicting the most likely Yes/No answer; for example, if your selected card presents 70% YES and 30% NO, the Tarot interpreter will say ‘yes’. When having a Yes or No reading, remember to phrase simple Yes/No questions. Complicated query can only make you confused and give you irrelevant answers.

Method for Answering Yes or No Questions with Tarot

According to the report of Free Yes or No Tarot Prediction, there are five major methods that can be utilized to forecast Yes or No Tarot. The first way we want to inform you is ‘the Use of the Wheel of Fortune Card‘ method – you’re asked to choose the Wheel of Fortune card and 9 more random cards, shuffle them, and then, lay out the cards so that the cards fall in each position; the position where the Wheel of Fortune falls will gives you the answer. Other methods to determine Yes or No in Tarot are:

  • Reverse half the deck and shuffle the reversed cards into the deck. Think of your questions, cut the deck as you normally do, and lay out the cards one by one. If the Wheel of Fortune card shows up upright, you’ll get a ‘yes’; however, if it is in reversed position, you’ll get a ‘no’.
  • Make use of the Sun for positive answers and the Tower for negative ones. Shuffle and cut the deck as usual; the card that shows up first when you turn them over (one by one) is your answer. This method can be used to predict time events, also.
  • Shuffle and cut the deck; if the Wheel of Fortune shows up before the Death card, it is a ‘yes’, or vice versa. In this method, the Wheel of Fortune indicates a ‘yes’ whether it is good or bad, and the Death is a ‘no’ whether it is good or bad.
Tarot Reading for Simple Yes or No Answers

The methods above are very simple to use in Yes or No Tarot card reading yet there’s still another way that can help you get instant, accurate Yes/No answers. It is utilized commonly by the majority of Tarot readers and is called ‘the Use of Aces‘ method – using the 4 Aces in Tarot to determine a likely Yes/No. Shuffle all the 78 cards and divide the deck in two piles (39 cards in each pile). Turn one pile upside down so that all the cards in a half deck will become reversals. Shuffle the deck together until 2 piles are mixed well.

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Divide the deck in two with your non-dominant hand and put the bottom pile on top of the top pile. Turn each card over until one of the Aces shows up:

  • If the Ace card is upside down, the answer is a ‘no’. In case the other three Aces in deck are upright, you will soon get another opportunity.
  • If the Ace card is right side up, you’ll get a likely ‘yes’. Look at the other three Aces in deck – positive signs for all the upright cards while you should be aware if they are reversed.

So, you already understood the method to predict Yes or No Tarot? Keep practicing any way you most prefer to have the best Tarot reading.

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