A Guide of the Queen of Swords Yes or No Tarot – What to Know?

Tarot is usually used for gaining deeper insights into a variety of situations in which we encounter ourselves in life. Understanding the cards’ meaning provides the guidance influencing us and the decisions we make.

Queen of Swords Card Meaning

Sometimes, if we don’t have time for a full-length reading, a Yes or No Tarot session is the easiest way to test out our quick yes/no questions. Of course, it’s necessary to ask inquiries which answers can be determined in a relatively short period of time.

Simply draw a single card, and the “Queen of Swords yes or no” randomly pops out from the pack. What to expect from this Tarot card?

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Talking about Queen of Swords Tarot card, this is the 13th card in the suit of Swords. As you can see from the image, there’s a powerful woman sitting high on her throne with a stern look on her face. She comfortably holds a sword, in her right hand, pointed to the sky, while her left hand is pointing forwards as if she has something to offer to others. Behind her is a spring and clear sky, symbolizing her clarity of mind as she considers matters of the intellect. The bird above her head indicates the mind’s ability to soar above problems in order to come to appropriate solutions.

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Keywords: An analytical and intelligent individual; a problem solver; a people watcher observing more than she speaks; a sharp dresser; an astute businesswoman; clinical but not cold; ardent and stoic; quick-minded; independent and self-disciplined; likely to be highly educated.

Interpreting the Queen of Swords

Usually, the Queen of Swords represents maturity, independence, and good instincts. This Tarot card denotes a person a person who is cold, professional, and smart, and can be witty and funny in an intelligent way. If you have been hurt in love, or are bitter and hurt yet good at covering it up, the Queen of Swords will be likely to show up in your reading. Once she is drawn from the deck, meaning it’s time for you to achieve some clarity. Make it clear to others, about what you want, but also be open to all influences coming from outside.

You can’t touch me; I’m too WISE” – The Queen’s experiences make her a powerful, judicious figure, knowing how to put her mental power into practice. She is someone who will approach you with sensitivity, and with a full understanding of what you’re thinking about, as well as what you’re worrying about. She is trustworthy and good, though she may seem cruel at times.

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What yes or no answers with Queen of Swords in a daily reading?

  • Past – This card can represent you or someone in your life that had a great influence on you.
  • Present – It may represent a strong current female influence in your life. Take her advice on board; certain points will be useful, though it as a whole cannot fit in exactly with your worldview.
  • Future – It probably represents what you are going to become. You’ll have influence, but be approachable. If you are a minority in any area of your life, change to stand out.

The Queen of Swords yes or no brings the positive light, so this card is a yes to many yes/no questions. Do you have any question or idea for the article here? Contact us!

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