Answering Yes or No Questions Tarot Card during a Reading Session

Do you have any confusing query in mind at this moment? Normally, you can consult your problem to a Tarot reader as he (or she) can help you find out the deep cause of everything. But, in case you just want simple yet accurate answers, you can use the “Yes or No Questions Tarot Card” online service. This quick reading will deliver you the convenience without the need of a real Tarot deck. With any inquiry you phrase, the seekers are able to get the delightful Yes/No answers. Now, if you’re having any life issue, use this method with belief and confidence.

After shuffling the cards, you can type your name and a Yes/No question to the available boxes, and then, draw a randomly single card. How to determine which Yes/No Tarot cards suit yourself? The answer is – based on your own positive or negative association with the card. For instance, the Six of Wands would be a ‘yes’ while the Ten of Swords would be a ‘no’.

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Tutorial of Conducting a Yes or No Tarot Card Reading

The seekers can ask a well-trusted reader to do this reading for them or learn to do it for themselves. How to interpret a Free Tarot Reading Using Yes or No Questions? Take a look at the method in the following:

Yes or No Questions for Tarot Reading

  • You’ll only read the Court cards and the Ace cards in reverse, and the other cards will be read upright.
  • Focusing mainly on your question (make sure that you’re clear of distracting thoughts).
  • Shuffling the cards and cut the deck in the way you feel most comfortable when doing so.
  • Draw one random card and get the answer – if your card is positive, the answer is definite YES. If you pick a negative card, the answer is a NO.
  • Take note everything down, even your feelings about the given answers.

However, what will happen if your card is neither positive nor negative in nature? In the case you choose a neutral Tarot card, it’s a must to draw one more card for more information about the question. Don’t answer instantly or rephrase the question; instead, meditate on the details you’re given. The reading allows you to ask the same question again after a week or two from the last session if you received a neutral answer.

Tips to Get an Absolute Free Yes or No Tarot Spread Reading Online!

There are two major ways you can look at the neutral cards. You can either say that a definitive answer is not available or has not been brought to a conclusion yet. Well, there are plenty of Tarot readers who always state that the future is not set in stone…and sometimes, it’s really not, hence your neutral cards. The seekers can also observe the neutral cards in relation to your Free Tarot Card Yes or No Questions as well as using their divinatory definitions to determine the outcome. This method makes you rely on the nature of the question in the relation to both the card and, of course, the intuition.

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