Get to Know a List of Yes No Tarot Cards for Love Relationship

Most of times, we do look for a Yes/No answer. Whether the answers you get are a good form or not, that’s not the concern especially when you feel so desperate to figure out where you stand, black or white, etc. Tarot, no matter how many centuries have passed, is still the most powerful divination tool when it comes to giving human guidance. In this article, we’re going to inform a list of Yes No Tarot cards that will give you more in-depth meanings for love relationship readings.

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Tarot is always more accurate when you have your own associations with it. An instant, random search on Google can NOT give you the exact keywords or Yes/No answers for a card you selected.

List of Tarot Cards as Yes or No Answers

Instead, you should have your own meanings, keywords, and even time frames. Yes/No attribute associated with each Tarot card so that your subconscious may recognize which card truthfully means to you. If you’re beginners, it’s no need to use Court Cards to answer Yes or No questions. Simply work your way by separating the Courtiers from the rest of the deck.

Yet, in case you want extra info to the reading, simply keep the Courtiers in. If one shows up, you could see it as a reflection of an aspect of yourself that you need to strengthen before the cards will answer your inquiries.

The Meaning of Yes No Tarot Cards for Love Relationship

As you all know, a Tarot deck includes a total of 78 cards divided into two distinct parts – Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56 cards). Tarot is certainly a powerful tool, so its cards do carry deep, insightful meanings. Depending on your questions or your situation, the meanings can be varied to help you resolve the issues with ease. You’ll find making Yes or No decisions using Tarot cards is not difficult at all if you understand the cards’ meanings clearly in detail.

Tarot Journal – Take a Deep Look at the Yes or No Tarot List

Since the Major Arcana holds greater secrets, we decide to interpret the meanings of the Major Arcana cards first. But don’t worry, we will soon provide you a list of the Minor Arcana Tarot card meanings in the next article.

0 The Fool Yes – Time for a new beginning but no commitment
1 The Magician Yes – Good news from the lover
2 The High Priestess No- Something is hidden at this point of time
3 The Empress Yes – Now is time for sweet loving
4 The Emperor Yes – Give time and space for the lover
5 The Hierophant Yes – Wedding bells will chime
6 The Lovers Yes – A possible mate connection – choices need to be made
7 The Chariot No – The partner too focuses on their own goals
8 Strength Yes – Real love after all the funs and frolics
9 The Hermit No – Time to learn from past mistakes
10 Wheel of Fortune Maybe – It’s all down to timing
11 Justice Maybe – Legal issues could prevent you from being together
12 The Hanged Man No – Observe love in a new perspective
13 Death A big NO
14 Temperance Yes – Spend time healing your relationship
15 The Devil No – Avoid depending too much on the other
16 The Tower No -The love is forced to end
17 The Star Yes – Wildest dreams are about to come true
18 The Moon Maybe – Be cautious to deal with impending challenges
19 The Sun A big YES
20 Judgment Maybe – The relationship can’t save anymore
21 The World Yes- A blissful relationship

Understand a full list of Yes No Tarot cards can help you gain deep insights into your life and what you are stuck in, as well as shed light to your future. For any further information, just ask us!

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